To seek the founding élément, uncover the frame of things.
To understand.


Gaspard is a seeker and an object composer.
With an inherent taste for the pure and the primitive function of things, improved along journeys in African and Australian deserts, Gaspard designs « essences » objects which simplicity steers to a call into question.
The one who, at the age of 2, was dismantling every thing that come into his hands, is today a designer obsessed by object and its sense, its function, its reason for being, its interactions, which he seeks to deconstruct in order to reveal it.
A technical but also an intellectual quest where merge philosophy, mechanics, and deep love for materials and items.






– La Rotonde Stalingrad, Paris Design Week, France, 2016
– Galerie Joseph, Paris Design Week, France, 2015
– Artifact#B, Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France, 2015
– Now le off!, Cité de la Mode et du design, Paris Design Week, France, 2013
– Artifact, Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne, France,  2013
– food design, Dessine moi un race à viande, CIAV, Bon marché, Paris, France, 2008
– Prélude, Handshuheim, Strasbourg, France, 2012
– Meet my Project, Lieu du Design, Paris, France, 2012
– International contemporary art biennial of Melle, France,  2009




– Room Gallery, Paris, 2016 – Presence, Confluence, Elevation – www.galerieroom.com
– Demain Dès L’aube, Primo Piano Gallery, 2016 – “Demain Dès L’aube” series
– Le Bon Marché, Paris, 2016 – Light-Light#6
– Marcel By Gallery, Paris, France, 2015 – Light-Light#5
– Artisan Social Designers, Paris, France, 2011 – Light-Light#1



– Conference at Demain Dès L’aube Magazine, Paris, France, 2016
Design Zero Déchet contest, SYCTOM, Thema-Design, Île de france, France, 2013/ 2014
– Workshop BENNE, Lycée François Mansart, undergraduate design school, Paris, France, 2015
–  TADI, (Aquitain Design Innovation Trophy), jury member, Bordeaux, France, 2013




– 1983, birth in Réunion Island.
– 1985, first toy disassembling.
– 1996, journey trough Namibia.
– 1997, discovery of the job of designer.
– 2000 / 2003, Baccalauréat in Applied Arts, Ambroise Vollard high school, Réunion.
– 2003, departure for Paris.
– 2003/2005, undergraduate diploma in Product Design, ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Paris.
– 2004, journey through Botswana, kalahari desert.
– 2005, first professional design job.
– 2007/2008, college of art and design, ESAD Reims.
– 2007, workshop in Ahmedabad, India.
– 2008, first exhibition, Bon marché, Paris
– 2008/2009, Licence’s degree in sustainable design, Université of Besançon.
– 2009/2010, journey through Australia.
– 2011, creation of Gaspard Graulich studio.